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“Academic Athlete consulting is a start-up consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of academic, personal training and sports opportunities to all athletes and students in high schools”


Who We Are

With a core staff of experienced professionals and a team approach to most consulting projects, Academic Athlete consulting will be able to offer a more balanced quality service than many of its competitors. As a consultant firm the agency will take a comprehensive approach to these three components and solve a student’s problems by making them a viable candidate to be accepted in high school and ready to compete athletically as well.

The program is geared toward students from 6 grades to 12th grade. Academic Athlete starts building study skills as early as 6 grades. We teach our clients focus note taking skills as a part of our comprehensive program. This program is totally online. Clients are messaged through skype, Web applications, SMS and phone contact. Consulting services also include getting students into private schools if that is what a client wants.

Through the programming of USA athletics. Students will get a chance to develop in their sport with the assistant of certified coaches in specialized areas.

Academic Athlete consulting is a comprehensive program that fuses academics, strength training and high-level basketball teaching and opportunities to be showcased and recruited by high schools that are interested.

Each client is assigned an academic adviser, who will meet with him or her twice a month through online avenues skype, email, phone chat or a personal trainer that will develop a workout specific to a client’s needs. Clients will have access to exercise program application which they will be in contact with a personal trainer for questions or etc.

Our expert coaches will lead these programs, making sure that all our clients will learn at a high level and get a chance to showcase their talents for high school coaches live and on CD that can be uploaded on to your player profile.


Academic Athlete consulting use the services of companies like one on one counseling services as a part of our comprehensive program. We are going to offer varieties of services within the scope of the academic, personal training and sports opportunities to our clients. Our intention of starting our Academic Athlete consulting firm is to help student develop their skills both in the United States of America and in the world at large since the program is online base.

We are well prepared to make profits from the industry and we will do all that is permitted by the law in the United States to achieve our business goals, aim, and ambition. Our business offerings are listed below;

  • Providing academics consulting services
  • High school Search Service
  • Providing sports opportunities to all athletes
  • Providing educational guidance counseling services
  • Providing personal training
  • Providing high school selection services
  • Facilitating student athletics programs
  • Develop student skills in high school and help them to compete in athletics as well

Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to build an Academic Athlete consulting brand that will become the number one choice for students and corporate clients in the whole of the United States. Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence, and teamwork.

Our mission is to position our Academic Athlete consulting  firm to become the leading brands in the academic, personal training and sports firm in the whole of United States, and also to be amongst the top 50 Academic Athlete consulting firms in the United States of America within the first 6 years of operations.

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